Congratulations, Yellow Jacket!🎉

You did it! You've taken the first steps toward advancing your future. Below is a quick breakdown of your next steps.


Below are you next steps to take in order to be finalized for the coming semester:

  1. Claim your Gateway Account (Email)
  2. Submit Your Student Health Form (Gateway)
  3. Submit Your Shot Record, if applicable (Gateway)
  4. Check to see if Financial Aid is Completed (
  5. Submit Official Final Transcript(s)
  6. Schedule an Advising Appointment
  7. Confirm Course Schedule is Complete by Checking Gateway and/or Checking with Your Advisor
  8. Submit the Course Refund Policy Agreement (Gateway)
  9. View and Accept Financial Aid, if applicable (Gateway)
  10. Complete and submit the Financial Settlement Agreement (Gateway - Settle Your Account)
  11. Set Up a Payment Plan and/or Pay Any Remaining Balance (Gateway - View Balance)

Everything you need can be found on Gateway or at the HPU Quick Links.

Feel free to access the list of offices here to support you - Let Us Help! We're happy to do so! 😁